Plastic surface activation

Obrázek8Surface tension is a key pre-condition to outstanding paint or glue adhesion to any surface, including plastic.

There are a number of technologies in the market more or less successfully controlling the parts’ surface tension.

Following long-term research and experimentation with our plastic parts, in 2002 we decided to invest in a new surface tension activation technology using a mixture of fluorine gases, i.e. the fluorination process.

Exposure of the plastic part surface to the fluorine gases causes the hydrogen atoms to be partially replaced with fluorine atoms. This results in the formation of a fluorine-carbon layer which may then be used with an advantage in various fields.

The main advantages provided by the plastic part fluorination process include:

  • Dramatically improved surface tension of the part leading to a much improved adherence of paints and glues.
  • Reduced loss of colouring in time
  • Reduced transmission through the vessel walls on a microscopic level
  • Almost no environmental impact compared to other comparable technologies
  • The plastic parts treated with the fluorination process are fully recyclable