We are a young dynamic company.
As a member of the SAFE group plastics division we have been successfully doing business in the Czech Republic since 2002.

Our main production programme involves airbag covers, i.e. a product where the failure of the component, which is supposed to protect them, could actually cause a death of the driver or the other passengers.

Alongside our customers, we are represented in vehicles produced by all European and some non-European carmakers. Each month, over 500,000 vehicles equipped with our core product, i.e. the airbag cover, roll out or carmakers’ production factories worldwide. Other technical, safety and decorative components even add to the number while adequately using our cutting-edge technologies.

With 140 collaborators, our company is amiablysmall, yet still enjoys global presence. Our plant based in Čelákovice, Prague-East District, provides everyday supplies to our customers in Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Sweden, France, the Czech Republic, the US, Mexico, Brazil, China and South Africa.

Regardless of whether you are considering a career change or looking for your first job experience, we may present you with intriguing professional challenges and chances of personal and cultural development and new opportunities.

We believe our website will provide you with comprehensive information about us and our values. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.