Human Resources and Equal Opportunities Policy

The people are behind each organisation’s success. Each company is only as successful as resourceful, hard-working and talented its people are.

An inspiring work environment, healthy team competition, unceasing search for new methods and rewarding good ideas, those have always been the preconditions to progress. We fully subscribe to these values, basing our aims on them and deriving from them our strategy and everyday efforts.

Continuous improvement of all our procedures, activities and processes and removing the barriers constitute our absolute priorities. Whatever we do today or will do in the future may be improved.

The contribution of each of our teams’ members to the everyday systematic improvement is important and valuable. It is only through assuming this joint and unceasing effort that we may progress, expand our field of activity, see things in new perspectives and create a value both for our customers and collaborators and owners.

We are a prejudice-free company. We accept, evaluate and develop all our staff regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, race or nationality.